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Phnom Penh
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Admin&HR Supervisor/ 人事行政主管

Summary of Position

Koh Thmey Technology Co, Ltd, Currently, we are looking for an Admin&HR Supervisor/ 人事行政主管.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Formulation and revision of company staffing quota
  • Organize  recruitment timely according to the needs of various departments
  • Formulation, revision, implementation and interpretation of personnel management system
  • Examination and management of personnel appointment and removal, attendance, performance appraisal, reward and punishment, vacation, relocation and other matters
  • Formulation and implementation of employee education and training plans
  • Maintenance and promotion of employee relations
  • Investigation and treatment of employees' violation of company rules and dereliction of duty
  • Formulation and management of salary and benefits
  • According to the staff assessment, reward and punishment measures, carefully handle the assessment, reward, punishment, promotion and other matters of the staff members, and strive to handle fairness and reasonableness
  • The establishment, supervision and implementation of the rules and regulations of Admin&HR department, as well as the supervision and management of daily affairs

Minimum Educational Level Required

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Career Level Required

Manager (Staff supervisor,...)

Languages Required


Other Requirements

  • Educational requirements: Administrative management, human resources management and other majors, college degree or above
  • Professional knowledger: Received training in system administration, human resource management and other related knowledge
  • Work experience: Have more than 5 years of administrative  human resource level management experience


  • Familiar with daily management such as administration,  human resource  and logistics
  • Able to independently draft various documents and rules and regulations
  • Familiar with the six modules of human resources management, responsible for the company's corporate culture construction and corporate image publicity
  • Good at communication, strong understanding and adaptability
  • Have strong overall planning, planning and coordination capabilities
  • Have strong affinity, execution and a high sense of responsibility, and the ability to instruct and train subordinates
  • Familiar with administrative departments] procedures
  • Familiar with local labor laws
  • Other job-related abilities

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