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New Job Opportunities (Salaries <1000$)
Phnom Penh
Institut Pasteur
Phnom Penh
Lycée Français René Descartes
Phnom Penh
Depend de l'experience
Phnom Penh
IT Officer
MaxK Group
Phnom Penh
Office Manager
Nexus Financial

Investment Analyst
Nexus Financial

General Manager
Le Relais de Chhlong
Retail Sales-Assistant Supervisor
TOA Paint Thailand (Cambodia Branch)
Phnom Penh
Marketing Executive
TOA Paint Thailand (Cambodia Branch)
Phnom Penh
Technical Support
TOA Paint Thailand (Cambodia Branch)
Phnom Penh
Live data journalist
Sportsdata AG
Phnom Penh
25 EUR per single match
Phnom Penh
Sales Agent
La Plantation Management
Siem Reap
Assistant Factory Manager
Cambopura Glass Factory (CPG)
Phnom Penh
English Teacher
Phnom Penh
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Senior & Executive Positions (Salaries >1000$)
High level positions with salaries >1000$
Industrial Engineer
Kandal | $1,800~$2,200
Production Executive
Phnom Penh | $2,000 - $2,800
Operational Risk and Compliance Manager
Phnom Penh | $1,200-$1,500
Chief Engineer
Lao | $2000 pm