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Advertising & Public Relation
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Full time
Salary Range
$700 - $1000
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- pay progression plan
- quarterly performance incentive plan
- Attractive Incentives + Pay Progression
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Marketing & Product
Company Industry
Advertising & Public Relation
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Email Outreacher

Summary of Position

Pretty Good At Email Outreach or Writing… But Want to Become World Class?

You may already be doing email work or writing already, whether it's in sales outreach, link building, email marketing, or as a writer…

And you may have realized you’re skilled in the art of persuasion and communication

But you may be finding that you’re not able to apply your skills to the best of your ability.

If you are looking to be in a dynamic position where you can:

  • Use your creative writing skills every day...

  • Build relationships with people who are genuinely interested in what you say...

  • Enjoy opportunities for career growth in what is considered a “dark arts” sector of marketing… 

  • And have long-term job stability…

  • But still willing to work in an office-like professional job with fixed hours, as a freelancer sitting at the comfort of your home ....

Then the team at TLG may be able to change your life. But you need to keep reading to find out how…

Who We Are

TheLinksGuy in a nutshell, are a link building and digital PR agency who specialise in building high quality links for clients from across the globe.

And we have a simple (but very specialised) process to build links. 

  1. We take our clients' content and create strategies and campaigns to figure out the kind of websites we think would like that content. 

  2. Our team of awesome prospectors will mine the data to determine the exact websites, and the exact PEOPLE we need to be building a relationship.

  3. Our email outreachers will then email those people with the aim to (not only to send an email asking for a link), but to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP and build rapport with that person. 

  4. And what we find is when those 3 parts of the process are working (but most crucially step 3) - we can get links for our clients which pack a punch when it comes to traffic and search engine rankings.

4 Reasons To Join TheLinksGuy as an Email Outreacher

1. You’re allowed (and encouraged) to be creative

The kind of people we’re emailing get a lot of emails in their inboxes, most of which sound boring or like they’ve been written by robots - That isn’t us!

Where you’re going to get results, is by standing out and grabbing their attention, and keeping that other person engaged with your email. 

Having some personality to your emails, but being charming enough that you can convince them to link to the client, is the ultimate goal.

So if you get a kick out of writing compelling emails, this is the job for you. 

2. Build a Career and Set of Skills for the Long Term

We can get you to a world-class level when it comes to the art of email outreach -   so in terms of your long-term career growth and skills, you’re going to develop a very valuable skill…

… As long as you’re willing to take the feedback and put in the time and work required to get there. 

We have some of the best learning and development you’ll ever see in this sector and we’re doing things in a different way to the vast majority in the SEO and link building sector, so you’ll also see this first hand. 

Digital marketing and SEO is also one of the hottest industries to be in right now. We’re only seeing it in its infancy, so what better time to get involved?

3. Pay, Promotions, and Stability

We don’t believe in giving people “short-term” gigs. If you’re happy to keep working with us and get us results, I want you to stay with TLG for as long as we can!

So with us, you’re getting a shot at a full-time job with a fair salary. The salary can start from anywhere from $700 / month to $1000 / month dependent on competency and experience. 

But better than that, we have a set pay progression plan which means this can go up with time... 

…And a performance incentive plan which means if you’re able to hit targets, you can qualify for a bonus after every quarter.

And there’s even a chance of promotion - every management and senior position we have in the company has been from within. 

4. Have an Impact and be a Valued Member of our Small Team

At TLG, we are a fairly small team, so you’ll be working closely with your supervisor, colleagues, and the CEO, Amit. 

We value everyone's opinion, contribution and impact to the business and that's why almost everyone is involved in 2-3 calls during the week, discussing their projects with different members of the team. 

Your personal performance directly impacts our business performance, and you’ll see this clearly every week.

We have worked with some clients ranging from Silicon Valley startups, VC-backed tech companies backed by major entrepreneurs, as well as national eCommerce brands, and even a famous rapper! 

For you, it means you’ll be exposed to a very diverse portfolio of clients, and will gain some experience that you may struggle to get elsewhere. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Writing customized email pitches at scale and at volume.
  • Using outreach software and CRM systems to streamline and help you manage your outreach.
  • Managing emails every day, and sending follow ups.
  • As well as collaborating with your colleagues and management day to day, ensuring maximum success of your link building campaigns.

Reporting to

  • Amit (the Founder), the Project Manager, and in future, potentially a team leader.

Other Requirements

  • Fluency in English, including writing clearly, concisely, and persuasively. 

  • Ideally at least 2-3 years of experience with cold sales and/or cold outreach

  • Experience with cold email is not essential but we are going to test your writing out as part of our hiring process. 

  • Want a full-time position (but you will need to be part time for the first month)

  • Can work close to UK (GMT Time Zone) working hours of 9am - 6pm and have a stable, high speed, fiber optic internet connection.

  • Have the ability to problem-solve - but can ask questions when needed

  • You’re detail-oriented, organized, and communicative. 

  • Can work to deadlines and large volumes of emails (you’ll be managing hundreds of email conversations a week)

  • There is a minimum of a 3 month probation period. 

If you feel you are the next awesome member of our team, please click the Apply button and go through to our application process:

Application Deadline

Thursday 19 May 2022

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