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Phnom Penh
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Food Service & Hospitality
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Head Chef

Summary of Position

A Head Chef often referred to as an Executive Chef, is primarily responsible for creating innovative cuisine and providing a satisfying culinary experience for guests.

Executive Chefs take responsibility for every dish that leaves their kitchen. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing Operations: Executive chefs oversee the daily operations of the staff and kitchen
  • Innovation: To be financially viable, an executive chef must create new menu items that reflect innovation
  • Direction: All kitchen staff are under the direction of the executive chef
  • Cultivating Business: Since responsible for culinary arts, executive chefs consider the needs and desires of the customers
  • Purchasing: Executive chefs are responsible for ordering ingredients and maintaining necessary inventory
  • Training and Education: Executive chefs hire, train, and educate new staff
  • Safety Regulations: All safety regulations must be enforced by the executive chef to ensure employee safety and restaurant cleanliness
  • Customer Satisfaction: Executive chefs ensure customer satisfaction and seek feedback on menu items
  • Maintaining Quality: To be successful, an executive chef must continually check the quality of the culinary product
  • Administrative Duties: Although an executive chef often focuses on the culinary aspects of the industry, the chef must also perform administrative duties

Reporting to

Head Chef will report to the Director or to the Boss 

Experience Required

Minimal experience of 5 years

Languages Required

English and Khmer , Speaking some Chinese would be a benefit

Other Requirements

  1. Creativity: To be successful and competitive an executive chef’s product must be creative and innovative
  2. Decision Making: Kitchens are fast paced environments, and an executive chef needs to be able to make tough decisions regarding food and service very quickly
  3. Motivation: An executive chef motivates the kitchen staff at all times to ensure a satisfactory experience for all guests
  4. Organisation: It is necessary that kitchens are both clean and organised
  5. Business Acumen: To be economically successful, an executive chef must consider the business aspects when creating new dishes
  6. Precision: An executive chef should be precise when dealing with culinary instructions, recipes, and directions to the staff

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