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Site and Facilities Manager


Our client is an international school in Cambodia. Currently, they are seeking a Site and Facilities Manager who will be responsible to ensure that school is a safe and clean environment for all students, as well as a comfortable and safe workplace for teachers and staff. He/She is responsible for the security and maintenance of the whole school site and to ensure the school complies with all current legislation relating to site safety and management. He/She promotes and participates in achieving the most efficient and economic use of the school premises, facilities, plant, equipment and materials. He/she will be based in Phnom Penh.


  • Responsible for maintaining the site in a good state of repair and appearance including all buildings and facilities, roads and pathways, grounds and gardens
  • Undertake emergency and planned maintenance and repairs within capability
  • Liaising with external suppliers and services where necessary
  • Maintain the school grounds to a high standard including all lawns and beds and Ensure grounds are litter free
  • Work with the Accounting Manager in the preparation of maintenance and
    capital expenditure project / work plans
  • Manage all contractors on site, ensuring that all health and safety requirements are met, monitor their performance and inspect completed work
  • Maintain computerized record of all regular checks undertaken
  • Responsible for cooling and lighting systems throughout the premises
  • Undertake and document a termly risk assessment of the whole site and other risk assessments / health and safety checks as directed by the Health & Safety Officer
  • Be aware of the location of essential services including water isolation valves, fire points, drainage systems and power supplies. Maintain a detailed plan showing the location of these
  • Regularly inspect all drains and gullies for blockages remedying as necessary
  • Ensure that all security systems are regularly maintained and tested, appropriate records kept and all related policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as necessary
  • Liaise with the security provider and ensure duties and services are provided as agreed upon
  • Ensure the effective use CCTV around the campus and in the buildings
  • As a primary key holder be prepared to attend out of normal working hours as and when required
  • Regularly assess and review traffic & parking policy to ensure optimal safety
  • Ensuring that all safety and necessary signs are hanged in the right places and well maintained
  • Maintain the Fire Risk Assessment, updating where appropriate and resolving any issues
  • Initiate the necessary procedures quickly and accurately relating to the emergency services, e.g Police, Firefighters, and Electricity providers
  • Provide a portering and furniture moving service to ensure supplies are in place and school activities can proceed as expected
  • Supervise and assist with the erection and dismantling of temporary structures such as the school marquee / booth / tents as required
  • Liaise with and monitor the pest control provider


  • School Administrator


  • The S.F.M. typically has educational background in Business Administration
  • Well experienced in a leading position in the administrative department of an international school
  •  High proficiency in Khmer and English language
  • Very good organization and communication skills are imperative


តូនាទីនេះគឺថ្មី!​ នយោជកនៅតែធ្វើការស្វែងរកនូវបេក្ខជនណាដែលពិសេស។

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