Working standard
Mango Byte Technology Co., Ltd
Computer and IT Services
Aquation - Office Park, #540 Koh Pich St
Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Full time
Phnom Penh
Benefit and Working condition
- Working day and time: Flexible
- Holidays: Cambodian national holidays
- Competitive salary and quarterly incentives
- English training program
- Medical and life insurance
- Maternity and paternity leave
- Free office coffee & tea, weekly free cafe coffee (Amazon, etc.), monthly free Pizza
- Yearly company trip
- Innovative Training program (Check Training Materials below for free training materials.)
- Flexible, professional, and international working style and environment at international standard and technology for international business and market

Training Materials

Every developer at Mango Byte can take services below for free for developing your skills.

1. Udemy for business (
Can access to paid 2,000+ courses unlimited

2. O’Reilly Safari (
Can read 40000+ books and watch videos

How to evaluate your performance

We will evaluate every single person of you for each responsibility and goals. We define and set personal goals and responsibilities and we will evaluate your performance with them.

The evaluation should be taken by your productivity and skills first. Then also we evaluate your additional effort and responsibilities when you can be in charge of certain projects, problems, training, and any tasks including learning new technologies, languages, and skills such as clean architecture, realm.js, RxAndroid, etc. Anyone can take any responsibilities and challenges. We will evaluate all and any of your effort and we’ll support you all the time.
IT & Software Development
Computer and IT Services
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Backend Developer


Mango Byte Technology Co., Ltd: currently, we are looking for a Backend Developer.


  • Designs develop and modify software modules based on functional and system requirements, according to code standards and user interface design guidelines
  • Performs program maintenance, modifications, and enhancements to existing applications through programming, testing, documenting and training users
  • Contribute clean code to ensure a consistently high-quality standard
  • Propose and assess solutions to resolve problems, including identifying and evaluating new technologies and third-party components
  • Understand and execute the technical concepts and the client requirements to ensure the high-quality technical solution
  • Understand and be able to explain the roles and responsibilities within the Scrum Team and how to work in an Agile environment
  • Provide more complicated automated test method and understand the test-driven development concept
  • Be able to give accurate rough estimations and point out dependencies between issues




Bachelor's Degree


Experienced (Non-manager)




  • Have logical thinking and knowledge of basic mathematical logic
  • Knowledge of basic computer science and basic software testing (Whitebox/Blackbox test)
  • Can write codes for a few of algorithms
  • Knowledge of basic OOP and its essential factors (Not only definition)
  • Understand trendy design model patterns such at least MVC as an application of OOP
  • Experience of any programming languages such as node.js/Ruby/PHP/Python/C#/JAVA
  • Proficiency in HTML5/CSS3/JS
  • Experience of implementing Ajax interfaces on the backend
  • Understand SQL commands and ORMs
  • High understanding of client's requirements for the business domain of the product
  • Can properly design DB structures in accordance with client's requirements
  • Can review codes for other developers and understand how to write codes readable
  • Love to read books
  • High level of English communication
  • Please tell us your knowledge about each topic above in the interview


Thursday 30 December 2021

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