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Head of Risk & Compliance


Our client is a leading insurance company in Cambodia. They are looking for a Head of Risk & Compliance who will be responsible for formulation, communication and monitoring of the company risk, operational risk and provides overall leadership for identifying, assessing and reporting on regulatory compliance risks. He/she will be based in Phnom Penh.


Risk Management

  • Oversee on planning and implementation of company Risk Framework / local ERM requirements, including the Company Risk Framework approved by the Risk Committee and other responsibilities delegated by the Risk Committee;
  • Be responsible for formulation, communication and monitoring of the company risk appetite and limits structures; including annual review of, and proposal to the Risk Committee the necessary adjustment to the risk appetite and risk limits;
  • Oversee on planning, formulation (or adjustment) and communication of the relevant operational risk management process, ensuring the effectiveness of operational risk management process; as well as making sure that risk policies are effectively implemented by all functions across the Company.
  • Lead maintenance of the risk MI in the Group-wide ORM system (OpenPages);
  • Collates, monitors, challenges and assesses the completeness of risk information reported by risk coordinators/owners, and reports relevant risk management information according to the reporting requirements to the Risk Committee / local Board/ RHO Risk Function on a timely basis;
  • Ensures reportable issues are escalated to CEO/Risk Committee/Audit Committee/local Board on a timely basis;
  • Oversee planning and communication of the half-year/ annual Turnbull sign-off, and ensures completeness and effectiveness of the sign-off process.


  • Provides overall leadership for identifying, assessing and reporting on regulatory compliance risks to maintain an individual and aggregated view of regulatory compliance risk exposures;
  • Lead conducts of compliance reviews and monitoring activities to assess the quality and adequacy of various compliance arrangements the business has established and implemented in order to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including adherence to internal policies and procedures;
  • Provides advice and guidance, including training, on matters relating to compliance with relevant laws and regulations and company standards.
  • Lead preparation and implementation of an annual risk-based compliance review plan which forms part of the Annual Compliance Plan that must be approved by the Audit Committee.
  • Fosters and maintains relationships with the regulators, as designated key individual, through continuous regulatory engagements


  • Chief Risk Officer


  • University graduate or equivalent, majoring in Law, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance
  • At least 7 years of experience in risk, compliance, finance, auditing, distribution channel or equivalent
  • Possesses a Research Skill, Reporting Research Results, Analyzing Information, Coordination, Administrative Writing Skills, Organizational Skills, Audit, and Statistical Analysis
  • Has a strong ability to apply logical and critical thinking to resolve problems
  • Propensity to plan strategically yet be able to adapt quickly to business context
  • Strong numerical, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to build trust and rapport with all levels of the organization
  • Excellent spoken and written English.


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