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Senior Manager, Brand Management


Our client is the leading market expansion services provider across Asia. They are looking for a Senior Manager, Brand Management who will be responsible in leading the development and execution of marketing strategies and activities to help our clients achieve their sales targets and build brand awareness. He/she will be based in Phnom Penh.


  • Oversee and manage operating departmental budgets and costs according to annual allocations to ensure efficient usage of resources
  • Lead the development and execution of marketing strategies and activities, based on clients' business strategies to achieve annual sales targets
  • Identify, develop and execute new marketing opportunities to accelerate overall awareness of brands and unique selling propositions
  • Manage and monitor annual marketing budgeting process, including advertising and promotion budget, and ensure all marketing activities are within the allocated advertising and promotion budget.
  • Recommend/enhance marketing plans and activities based on clients' changing business strategies and market situation.
  • Conduct performance review meetings with clients on implementation/progress of marketing strategies and plans.
  • Manage and monitor return on investment for marketing initiatives in achieving sales goals, evaluating effectiveness and creating next steps and action plans.
  • Cooperate with clients and other external third parties for marketing activities; strengthen and/or maintain close relationships with key clients.
  • Ensure our brand message is impactful and consistent across all channels.
  • Identify new opportunities to reach out new market segments and to further grow the existing markets.
  • Closely monitoring competitors on their marketing strategy, customer promotions, price, new product launch.
  • Manage and oversee team's delivery of team/function goals to drive execution against goals set.


  • Assistant General Manager, Sales & Marketing


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in marketing, advertising, or communications
  • At least five years' experience in a similar role with three years' experience in a managerial capacity
  • Strong understanding of clients' industry/business/products with exceptional client management and communication skills
  • Has working knowledge on principles and methods of marketing strategy, advertising and promotion
  • Proven ability to work with a cross-functional team to execute marketing initiatives
  • Demonstrate appreciation and respect for cultural sensitivities, especially in cross country/-cultural interactions
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken with proficiencies in office productivity tools (e.g. Excel, Word and PowerPoint, creative design)
  • Possess stakeholder management, coaching, mentoring, customer serving, analytical, problem solving and people management skills.


តូនាទីនេះគឺថ្មី!​ នយោជកនៅតែធ្វើការស្វែងរកនូវបេក្ខជនណាដែលពិសេស។

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