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Dean school of languages


Our client is a non-profit organization in Cambodia. They are looking for a Dean School of Languages who will serve as the Manager and Administrator of the language section in the organization, providing services to the schools (General Education & institute) developing and implementing language programs as well as ensuring teaching quality and making sure the students & staff reach the right language competency level. He/she will be based in Phnom Penh.


Leadership and Strategy

  •  Review major school programs (French & English): define target group and competency evaluation tools
  •  Study the opportunity to develop other languages such as Chinese.
  •  Plan actions and lead the team to reach the goal defined
  •  Lead and manage all the language managers and teachers
  •  Work closely with the schools and Pedagogic Department to bring innovation to the way we teach language

Monitoring Quality of School Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Practice

  • Coordinate the review/assessment of current curriculum to ensure that the course/program is meeting intended objectives and requirements of the schools and industry’s requirements.
  • Evaluate and lead the update and development of school curriculum in relation to the industry’s requirements.
  • Pro-actively in coordination with pedagogy Department, pursue opportunities for teachers to learn best practices and innovate in teaching development
  • Ensure that teachers are delivering the best-in-class teaching by observation, training and constant development

Monitoring Schedule and managing students

  • Coordinate with the schools and Plan, define and teaching Schedule adapted to the specific needs of each school and level.
  • Manage and ensure the quality of students’ academic assessment tools and results
  • Manage student assessment and level and make sure that student difficulties are understood and solutions propose

Finance, Human Resource and Administration

  • Plan and submit the proposed budget to General Director for approval and assist the overall financial planning process to balance the budget for the school activities
  • Use the agreed budget to actively monitor and control performance
  • Identify additional finance required to fund the school’s proposed activities and strategic developments in accordance with organization.
  • Monitor recruitment, performance management, appraisal and development for all staff in the school
  • Monitor the way policies and procedures are actioned and provide support where necessary
  • Identify the types of skills, knowledge, understanding and experience required to undertake existing and future planned activities
  • Evaluate the training needs of your staff and submit proposal to HR department when you want your staff to be trained on specific skills
  • Manage the administrative functioning of the whole school, including systems/formats (in phase with overall systems / formats) and use effective methods to review and improve administrative systems

School Facility Management and Communication

  • Manage and ensure the safe maintenance and security operation of all school, equipment and furniture
  • Manage the school logistic inventory and ensure for an effective use for the school support
  • Work closely with all departments in the organization
  • Maintain effective communication to keep staff, students, parents and other relevant sections/people properly informed/orientated
  • Develop and maintain good relationships/communication with parents/guardians to involve them in their child’s learning
  • Make reports as required by the internal reporting procedures and reporting for external donors


·       To General Director


English is a must and French or Chinese is an added advantage


  • Bachelor-Master Degree in Teaching Languages or related field
  • 5-7 years in teaching languages, managing team and developing languages school
  • Very good management, interpersonal and communication skill
  • Excellent oral and written communication skill; Native English preferred, knowledge of other language such as French, Chinese, Khmer as plus
  • Knowledge of MS Office, Google Application and e-communication
  • Be able to manage the team, to make decision and to coordinate and lead the school activities/project
  • Commitment to organizational vision, core values and code of conduct
  • Policy compliance and protection of children
  • Patience, adaptability and ability to cope with change process.
  • Ensuring timely, high-quality results. Being a role model for continuous learning and improvement.


តូនាទីនេះគឺថ្មី!​ នយោជកនៅតែធ្វើការស្វែងរកនូវបេក្ខជនណាដែលពិសេស។

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